Google Shopping redesigned; Google Lens now more “fashionable”

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Since you probably use Google to search and research for things you want to buy anyway, then why not use their platform to do your online and offline shopping? Google has now redesigned the Google Shopping experience in both its mobile and desktop format, although for now, it is limited in the U.S. only. And because shopping is synonymous to fashion, you can now also do more “research” on that outfit you’re thinking of buying through the power of Google Lens.

The Google Shopping homepage is personalised so you get recommendations based on your previous shopping history among other things. But it’s not just about online shopping. You can choose to buy through the brand’s online store, at a nearby retail store or directly from retailers that are using Google as a platform too. It also has a price tracking feature that will notify you if a certain product that you marked with “price track” suddenly goes down.

The platform also lets you filter for items that are in local stores near you so that if you want to touch and feel the items before buying it, you can just head on over to that place to check out the merchandise. But if you want to lessen your hassle, you can buy directly on Google from among their merchant partners and the thousands of stores already on the platform. The process is easier since you have most of your information stored on your Google account anyway. The items with the colorful shopping cart icon are the ones you can directly buy with the Google guarantee.

Speaking of shopping, Google Lens has a new superpower now and it should appeal to the fashionistas or actually the wanna-be fashionistas. The feature is called “style ideas” and if you need inspiration for an outfit you’re trying to buy or those that you already have in your closet, this should be useful. All you have to do is point your camera at a piece of clothing or take a screenshot of something you saw on social media, and Lens will show you similarly styled looks.

Google Shopping is now available in the US and there’s no news yet if it will expand to other territories. Same with the style ideas on Google Lens. You’ll be able to use it when you’re in the U.S. but hopefully, other countries will get it soon too.

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