Google shares tools to help you work better from home

With a lot of people now temporarily (or permanently) working from home, you have to get more creative to manage your time and space and also maximize the tools you have so you’ll become more efficient and will have more time to spend on important things. If you’re deep into the Google ecosystem, they want to remind you of the various tools that you can use in order to achieve some sort of work-life balance, even if your work and your life are happening in the same place.

You can do some pre-set Google Assistant Routines to remind you of regular things that you can do each day like taking breaks, drinking water, etc. They’re rolling out a new workday routine to help you with the “small and big things”. For example, you’ll get Google Assistant reminders to stretch at 10 AM, go for a walk at 2 PM, drink water at 3 PM, start closing down your work stuff at 4:45 PM. Assistant will also regularly share the time with you to keep track of your schedules and meetings.

You can also use Google Assistant to create to-do lists and reminders so you don’t have to scramble for your computer or even your favorite app on your phone, You just have to give out voice commands like “Hey Google, create a meeting for tomorrow” or “Hey Google, remind me too go to sleep at 10 PM every night”. You can also set up recurring reminders, ask Google anytime your schedule for the day, or see your to-do list anytime.

You can also ask Google to remind you of both important and random and trivial information, like “Hey Google, remind me to watch Enola on Netflix this weekend” or “Hey Google, remind me it’s Gary’s birthday on the 30th”. Of course, you can also ask your Google Assistant to start a meeting on or group call on Google Meet, if that’s your thing. And if Zoom is more your thing, you can also connect it to your account later this year.

You can also use Google Assistant voice commands for mindfulness practices like silencing your phone or any other Assistant-enabled devices that might tempt you to work or something. They’re also rolling out Gentle Sleep and Wake for your connected smart lights which should help you gradually wind down at night and then get up in the morning without abruptly ruining your sleep rhythm.

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