Google Recorder gets desktop web interface, backup support

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Google Recorder

Google Recorder is a special app exclusive for the Pixel product line. If you own a Pixel phone, you can take advantage of this program as it receives another update from the tech giant. A Pixel phone won’t be just popular for its camera system, it can also be a winner with some of the exclusive features Google usually introduces. The exclusivity is only for a limited time though as some of them usually extend to other Pixel models. The Recorder app is ready to record audio and transcribe a recording in real time.

The feature was updated late last year to pick up external mics. That was after the update that allowed editing based on transcription.

Backups of transcription should be available on website ( but they weren’t available on time at launch. But good news, it’s ready now so you can easily access your recording. The backups aren’t yet–just the website.

Don’t be disappointed. At least, we know the site is online. Recordings and other related data should be available soon. The page will soon let you ‘Share, play, and search your audio with Recorder for web’. The page also includes this note: Recordings backed up from the Recorder app on your Google Pixel will appear here.

HERE. According to Google, this is “The smartest Recorder yet”. It’s also fast, easy, and works offline. Its advantage is that it can transform any audio into text so ideas or keywords are easily searchable, editable, and even sharable whenever you need them to be.

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