Google readies new ways for entertainment, gaming on Android TV

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Before, the majority of the people would say, “Go Big or Go Home”. Now, it would just be: “Stay Home.” That’s the world we live in now. We know things will go back to normal. We don’t know when exactly but we’re feeling positive. It’s only a matter of waiting. At the moment, while most of us are at home, it’s best to just enjoy and take advantage of all the time in the world. Well, not everyone is free to do everything he wants but for those who have such luxury, we suggest you stay informed and entertained.

Don’t waste time as you can do a lot from home. People won’t get easily bored now, thanks to technology. The internet, especially, enables people from all over the world to communicate. There are plenty of social media and communication channels to try.

Once done checking in on your family and friends or done with updating your online status, you can go on and start to binge-watch. Well, we’re still all for using your time wisely. You can watch new TV series and movies. You can watch the whole day or if you have work, after you’re done with all tasks.

Google is reminding us of its many products and services we can use during this time. Being on quarantine can be fun as there are plenty of ways to entertainment and news. There’s the Android TV platform where you can enjoy hundreds to thousands of apps.

Highlighted on the UI are three major items: COVID-19 News, Stay Home #WithMe, and Free movies from YouTube. Android TV will show you the latest from the top publishers about the pandemic coronavirus. There are plenty of videos that can teach you how to cook or work out. You can also watch live music from several artists. There are also plenty of movies you can now watch for free on YouTube sans any ads.

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