Google promises update to enable 90Hz on Pixel 4 in “more brightness conditions”

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Fans quickly discovered that one of the best features on the Pixel 4 and 4 XL – the 90Hz mode for the screen – only works when the brightness is at 75% or higher. And they were clearly unhappy about this. But fear not, Google is working on an update for it.

“We have previously planned updates that we’ll roll out in the coming weeks that include enabling 90Hz in more brightness conditions” says Google in a statement. However, there are no details about how much lower than 75% brightness you’ll be able to go after the update.

Google promises update to enable 90Hz on Pixel 4 in ''more brightness conditions''

In the same statement the company clarified the situations when the Pixel 4 screen reverts back to 60Hz. It does it when the battery saver is on and when viewing video). Those make a lot of sense – 90Hz requires more power and most video is shot at 30fps (or 60fps at most).

The third situation is in “various brightness and ambient conditions” without giving more explanation what that means (e.g. how do ambient conditions affect the decision to fall back to 60Hz, is it about more than just brightness?).

A few days ago the company announced that it’s working on a fix for the face unlock, which will happily unlock the phone even if your eyes are closed (e.g. when you are asleep). This update will be released “in the coming months”. Is it just us or does the Pixel 4 feel a bit under-cooked?


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