Google promises “something exciting” at Galaxy Unpacked event

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Samsung is having an event on February 11 and we expect to see plenty of new hardware from the S20 debut through a new foldable screen phone to Galaxy Buds+. Apparently, the event will also see Android make its own announcement, according to a tweet that has appeared earlier today.

The post said that “something exciting” is around the corner, leaving us guessing what exactly it is going to be.

One assumption is that the new Galaxy phones will have native Google Duo video chat support. Earlier reports from South Korea suggested the manufacturer is working on a new format of video messaging for smartphones and this could be one of the answers.

Another possible solution is Android wants to demonstrate the optimized interface for foldable screen devices since we expect to see the Galaxy Z Flip make an appearance. Google already announced that Android 10 has native support and offers tools to app developers to visualize how will their product appear in various form factors, including a clamshell design.


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