Google Play Store removes developer that use sexually explicit ads

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Google Play Store Changes Sexually Explicit

A few years ago, Google rolled out an expanded policy on “inappropriate” predictions for Search. The tech giant wants to continue to fight against sexually explicit content and it will continue to do such actions against developers that use sexually explicit ads just to promote their games and apps. This move is to make sure the Play Store is “clean”. By clean we mean free of any malicious content and spam.

The Play Store contains millions of apps ang games. It can be difficult to check everything but good thing there are eagle-eyed mobile users and concerned citizens who report any malicious activities.

Recently, one app on the Google Play Store was found to have several policy violations. A game called “LUV – interactive game” was being promoted on a simple connect the dots game. This method is not uncommon but the ad content was sexually explicit.

A post on XDA detailed the discovery. The issue is said to have reached Google. It is a common violation and Google already responded by removing the game from the Play Store. The Google spokesperson said, “Google Play’s policies strictly prohibit developers from using sexually explicit ads to direct users to their app’s listing in the Play Store. When violations are found, we take appropriate action.”

The developer of the game was also suspended. It’s no longer listed on the Play Store. Its website is even down. We don’t think this is the only developer doing such kind of exploitation. We’re expecting more related stories will surface and more apps and games will be delisted.

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