Google Play Pass now has annual subscription, expands to new territories

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Now that a lot of people are spending time at home or in place during this pandemic, it’s a good time to have unlimited games at your disposal. Google Play Pass is bringing new games to its library so you can continue or start your subscription and have access to all of these with just a monthly subscription. Well, they’re also bringing an annual subscription to the table so there’s that. The game subscription is also expanding to other countries after only being available in the U.S since its launch.

Of course, one of the main reasons why people would subscribe to this is the game library itself. They say that they’ve added more than 150 new titles in the past few months and now they’re adding more. Some of the newer games include classics like Sonic the Hedgehog, award-winning indie games like Teslagrad, Forgotton Anne, and Sally’s Law, stress-relieving games like Golf Pass. Some games will be available for Google Play Pass when they launch this year so they’ll be announcing more later on.

They also have a special section for games for kids, including titles from Sesame Street Workshop, Learny Land, and other kid-friendly apps and games. You can find these titles when you go to the “Apps and games for kids” section and you’ll see a “Teacher approved” badge. This is important and useful for those with kids who will be learning from home because of COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Google Play Pass is also now offering an annual subscription of $29.99 per year, available in the U.S this week. Previously, you could only do a monthly subscription of $4.99 which you can cancel any time. But if you are ready for a more serious “commitment” then the annual subscription should save you a few dollars as compared to renewing it every month. If you’ve already subscribed, just go to the Play Pass tab on the Play Store app to upgrade to a yearly subscription.

Google Play Pass will be available in more countries, specifically Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom. It will be rolling out to these territories this week, including the new content additions and the annual subscription.

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