Google Play Pass launched for mobile consumers, developers

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Google Play Pass

A couple of weeks ago, it was mentioned the Google Play Pass may be announced soon by the search giant. Immediately, a confirmation was shared that the new subscription service would be arriving. It was only a matter of time before Google made an important announcement and that moment has arrived. As we already know, Google Play Pass lets you enjoy mobile games and apps sans any in-app purchases or those annoying ads. Simply put, it’s a paid service that allows Android users to enjoy the Play Store without any hassle.

No other purchases needed or no need to wait for ads to load, with the Play Pass, those ads will all be gone. The service is something we’ve been wishing for since forever. For a fixed amount of $4.99 monthly fee, you are free to access hundreds of games and apps that won’t ask to be unlocked, for payments, or any in-app items.

Google Play Pass is your “ticket” to over 350 of the best digital content, apps, and games in the Play Store right now. If you’re the type of person that is fond of consuming a lot of mobile content and are willing to pay for them, you may save some dollars with Google Play Pass. These apps are well-curated and are of high quality.

More good news: Google is offering the Play Pass for only $1.99 per month but only for a limited time. If you wish to try the Google Play Pass, you can do so for free for ten days. After the trial period, you will have to pay $1.99/month for one whole day. After that, it will be $4.99/month. Such a good deal.

Some of the apps and games part of the Play Pass lineup include popular paid games like Monument Valley, Terraria, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, AccuWeather, and Risk. Other titles are as follows: Mini Metro, LIMBO, Old Man’s Journey, Lichtspeer, Cytus, and This War of Mine. More titles will be added each month.

Google Play Pass Screenshots

Within the Play Store, a Play Pass tab will be available for subscribers. If you see the Play Pass “ticket” in a listing, it means the app or game can be downloaded by Play Pass consumers. The Play Pass can be shared among family members (up to five only).

For developers, you can opt to include your apps on the Play Pass roster. Being part of Play Pass may help devs to market their creation. It’s another way of getting your apps and games be noticed by millions of Android users. Check out more info HERE or register HERE.

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