Google Play may soon sync WiFi passwords on Android and Chrome OS devices

Remembering WiFi passwords can sometimes be a pain especially if you’re using hard-to-guess ones (no 123456 here). If you’re using multiple devices, it is more convenient to be able to sync them across your smartphone and laptop securely and easily. There was a previously discovered flag in the Chrome OS platform that would let you do just that and it looks like this feature is rolling out to those who are in the beta program of Google Play Services.

In 9 to 5 Google’s APK Insight post, they are seeing version 20.45 of the Google Play Services in beta carrying the code for the ability to sync WiFi passwords across your Android smartphone and Chromebook. The flag was initially spotted a couple of months ago but it was unclear how the passwords will be shared across devices. So this latest code shows that the syncing will happen through Google Play.

There are not much details available right now aside from the fact that passwords will be shared, specifically for phones that are connected for Smart Lock and Instant Tethering. But it’s highly possible that the passwords will be synced through Bluetooth. This way your Android smartphone or tablet or your Chromebook will be able to connect to a new network without having to type it.

They’ve also previously spotted some other features coming to Chrome OS aside from WiFi sharing. They’ve previously spotted Phone Hub which should be able to give you things like notification mirroring, task continuation, quick settings adjustments, etc. Think of it as something similar to Microsoft’s Your Phone app which connects your Android device to your Windows 10 laptop. This time it’s for Chromebooks and Android devices.

Since this is still in beta and an APK teardown, there are no details yet as to when it will roll out in the stable version. We’ll update you once we see it on Google Play Services for all users.

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