Google Play Games may have friends list, Play Together features soon

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Google Play Games may soon bring you a more “social” way of playing games on the app. Some are seeing strings in an APK teardown hinting at possible future features that will come to the app, which includes finally having a friends list and then a Play Together option for those who want to, well, play together. While the app isn’t the most popular one in Google’s stable of apps, they always bring new features including a major overhaul last year and was even one of the first to receive a dark theme.

The folks at XDA Developers did an APK teardown of the latest version of Google Play Games app and found some things that may be arriving soon. Gamers now that most gaming platforms have a friends list so it’s easier to see which of your friends are online and maybe would like to play a game with you. But Google Play Games didn’t have that. The teardown shows they’re testing that feature and bringing it to users soon.

Based on the strings, you will be able to send invites within the app through your gamer ID. When they accept it, they will be added to your friends list. If the friends you want to add don’t have the app on their device, you can generate an invite link for them. You have the option to share the friends list with the game that you’re playing but they cannot access it without your consent.

Another feature that may be coming soon is Play Together. If you shared your friends list with the game, you’ll be able to see which of them are playing the same game and then it will let you play together. Especially now in these times of people social distancing themselves, playing games online together will be one of the ways we can connect with loved ones without being physically together.

These are not yet finalized features of course but you’ll hear from us if Google Play Games does make them official. In the meantime, enjoy playing games by yourself.

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