Google Play Games finally rolls out friends list for Play Together feature

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If you want to be able to play with your friends on your mobile games, Google Play Games has finally rolled out a feature spotted last month on its code. The Play Together feature lets you, well, play together with your friends and now users are seeing their friends on the app already. It seems to be a server-side rollout so not everyone will see it but those who have can now play competitively with their friends while they’re presumably staying inside their respective homes.

According to XDA Developers, you will know when you have the feature if the Profile tab on your Google Play Games has been replaced with the Social tab. When you go to that new tab, you will get some pop-ups to give you options for the new feature. It will ask you who you want to see your game activity and your options are just you, your friends, or everyone. You will also be asked if you want the games to have access to your friends list so it will be easier for you to play together.

After that, you’ll now see a Friends tab on the social page under your name and icon. You can add friends to that list and Google Play Games will also suggest friends to add based on your contacts. You can also ask your friends manually by sharing with them a link. You can share your stats with friends that are on the list as well as see which games you both play. Then you’ll be able to compare your scores and achievements as well.

With a lot of people staying put in their houses, games are pretty much one of the ways we can entertain ourselves and also be connected with other people. So it’s good timing that Google is rolling this out now for those who are more inclined to play games competitively with their friends or even with strangers that they meet online. Well, at least to compare stats and scores and all, not yet in real-time.

This seems to be a server-side update as some users already have it while some still don’t have that social tab yet. Hopefully Play Together will eventually bring more ways for mobile gamers to truly play together.

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