Google Play Dark Mode now available to everyone

While phones running on Android 10 have enjoyed the benefits of Dark Mode in Google Play for several months, Google has finally brought the alternative color mode to devices on lower Android versions. According to the latest Twitter post from the Google Play account, Dark mode on Google Play is now available on all Android devices.

In order to take advantage of the new option, users simply need to head over to the settings menu where there will now be a new Theme section. From there, you can toggle between the Light and Dark theme options or keep the System default one which matches your phone’s native theme.

Additionally, the toggle would enable those already on Android 10 to force light mode when the system’s settings is set to dark and vice versa. So far it followed the system’s default setting.

The new Dark Mode theme naturally replaces the white UI elements with black and dark grey ones while keeping its signature green accent colors.

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