Google Play Books updated with new reading tools for younger kids

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Google Play Books

We know Google Play Books are readily available. The ebook digital distribution service was last mentioned here back in January 2019 when it received the Material Theme update. Just recently, Google released an update for it that will make children’s books more easier to read and understand than ever. A new set of tools is available that will not only help young kids but also the parents and the rest of the family. Reading can be more fun with Google Play Books especially when the whole family is involved.

Young children can learn how to read with the help of Google Play Books. In this day and age when digital learning is more of a necessity, you can take advantage of ebooks and audiobooks available from Google. The user experience on Google Play Books is being improved not only for the more proficient readers but also for the beginners.

The enhanced Google Play Books follows the Google Kids Space and Teacher Approved Apps in their effort in making young readers from all over the world. The app now features new reading tools including ‘Read & listen’ and ‘Tap to Read’.

Google Play Books: What’s New

You can listen to a new book read out loud. You can choose to turn the pages manually or automatically. You can also hear a particular word spoken out loud by clicking on any word on a page.

Feel free to listen to thousands of child-friendly definitions with the ‘Kid Friendly Dictionary’ Most of them also come with illustrations to support learning and comprehension.

To access the reading tools, check if they are enabled. You can see if enabled or not on a book’s Play Store listing. The Google Play Books app can also tell you which books for ages 0-8 have the new reading tools.

Google joins the celebration of National Read Across America Day by offering free ebooks with the new reading tools. Check out the following: “We’re Amazing, 1-2-3!”, “Family Forever”, and “Ara the Star Engineer”.

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