Google Play Asset Delivery promises faster game downloads

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Usually, game APKs are large and Google has been using Android App Bundle for them for over two years. It basically downloads a small part of the essential APK to the device and then later when the game is opened, the assets are downloaded. Since most of the games have common assets pack, the waiting time when the game is launched can get excruciatingly long. To get over this Google is introducing new Play Asset Delivery to the App Bundle format.

This allows for flexible delivery of game assets to the device when needed. The assets pack contains the non-code elements, for example – textures or sounds that are delivered via the Play Store with large size limits, ideal for game APKs. It allows developers to have the freedom to send the packs when needed.

What this means is that the gaming apps will be updated via the Play Store and when the user wants to enjoy the game, there will be no wait time for downloading the resources. The game will load instantly without any extra quirks.

Google has been testing the PAD format with game engines like Unreal and Unity 3D which have shown positive results. For example, Gameloft used it with its three games and reported a reduction in CDN costs.

Likewise, RV AppStudios used it to see an increase in the 15-day retention of users. Also, they reported that there were reductions in app crashes. Of course, it will take some time for adoption by the app developers and users will notice the difference in days to come.

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