Google planning on a more secure, no-password future

Google Stronger Password No Password

World Password Day has passed. You’ve probably changed some of your passwords for improved security and yes, to be sure. It’s always wise to change passwords from time to time to avoid being hacked. The ideal password must not be easy to identify or remember. It should be random as much as possible but then we know how difficult it is to remember them or even manage all the passwords. There are different studies and reports about password use and it’s a known problem that accounts are more vulnerable when the same password is used across different sites.

By now, you probably have a system of coming up and managing passwords. There are plenty of ways. There are still security risks but what’s important is you know how to evade vulnerabilities.

Google wants to improve on security and so the company invested more in security controls. The goal is to prevent people from utilizing passwords that are weak or may easily be compromised. Tools and features are available from Google and we can expect more related management features will be introduced.

Someday, we may no longer need a password. That is the goal of Google but with the aim to make sign-in safer than ever. At the moment, a second level or form of verification is a must. Several layers of verification are recommended and that’s what Google has been offering.

The idea is that a mobile device must be used to sign in to an account or website. Two-step verification (2SV) is more secure when it comes to authentication. Google will soon enroll users automatically in 2SV but only if the accounts are configured properly.

Google has also announced that it is working some advanced security technologies into devices. This will make multi-factor authentication more secure and seamless. The tech giant has other solutions and it promises to continue to improve on security and privacy.

Right now, Google offers a Password Manager built into Chrome directly. It’s also ready on Android and even iOS. There is also a new Password Import feature that allows users to upload up to a thousand passwords into the Password Manager. It’s a free tool but Google guarantees uncompromised privacy and more advanced security. Other special features include Password Import, Password Manager and Security Checkup.

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