Google Pixel’s Astrophotography may get a timelapse feature soon

An update to Google’s Pixel Tips app shows hints that the Pixel camera app is gaining a new feature. This is specifically for the Astrophotography camera feature that lets Pixel owners take breathtaking long-exposure photos of the night skies or moon-lit landscapes.

As 9to5Google reports, the Pixel Tips App has been recently updated and it’s noted that this update routinely arrives prior to Google’s periodic Feature Drop update. Code within the Pixel Tips App contains a hint that there may be a new “Astrotimelapse” feature coming to the Google Camera. That’s “CameraAstrotimelapseSettingController”. This means users could soon capture night scenes with a moving sky.

Google's Astrophotography feature activates at night and on a tripod
Google’s Astrophotography feature activates at night and on a tripod

In the report, it was found that the Pixel Tips App will confirm whether the Camera app installed is version 8.2.3, which should contain the new Astrotimelapse feature.

9to5Google notes that the Google Camera update may not necessarily corelate with the June Feature Drop, so we may or may not need to wait until a Google Camera update arrives via the Play Store.


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