Google Pixelbook Go is ribbed under, matte on top

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As we get closer to the date when Google will officially announce the Pixelbook Go (among other things), we can also expect some early leaks and first looks at the newest Chromebook they will be releasing. The laptop is expected to have all the bells and whistles you can expect from a flagship device as well as a premium look and feel. Based on the hands-on examination that the folks over at 9 to 5 Google has done, it more than meets those expectations.

What makes this different from the previous Pixelbooks is its ribbed back that may seem weird for a laptop but is actually useful for its tactility and gives you a better grip on your device. As 9 to 5 Google says, it “feels nice in the hand” and adds to the unique aesthetic of the Pixelbook Go. On top, you get a smooth, matte finish and its coating can be compared to that of the Pixel 2, although it has a smoother feel. It has a coral-esque color that will look nice when paired together with the supposed orange color of the upcoming Pixel 4.

Aside from the expected USB-C port on the side, there seems to be a 3.5mm headphone jack which may be surprising to some given that Google’s Pixel smartphones have done away with that. Once you open the laptop, you see a camera at the top which will have a 2MP sensor and you also get two far-field microphones which is probably so you can use Google Assistant freely with your laptop. The display itself is 13.3 inches and is Full HD touch screen and you also have more than decent front-facing speakers. Of course, you also get the famed Pixelbook keyboard with an Assistant key in the bottom-left side and the Chromebook keys at the top.

In terms of what’s inside, you’ll have options, from Intel Core m3, i5, and i7 configurations to either an 8GB or 16GB RAM to 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of internal storage. What’s missing, based on the hands-on is a fingerprint sensor and Pixelbook Pen support. We’ll find out if it’s just for this particular model they got their hands on or if they decided to forego these two altogether.

We have a few more days to wait until the official announcement of the Pixelbook Go at the Google event happening on October 15. We’re also expecting of course the Pixel 4, a 2nd generation of the Nest Mini smart speaker, a new Nest WiFi and maybe other surprise devices and announcements.


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