​Google Pixel Watch looks ever closer with new leaks

The Google Pixel Watch is coming, and we could get a flavor of it at Google I/O next month.

The project is still unconfirmed by Google itself, but it’s been subject to years of leaks and speculation – and there seems little doubt of a release this year.

Now legendary leaker Evan Blass has tweeted that there won’t be long to wait until a Pixel Watch reveal.

He tweeted a mysterious screenshot of what appears to be documentation, that shows the Pixel Watch’s codename ‘Rohan.’

Blass commented “not long now” – so it looks like we could see a reveal at Google I/O after all.

The Google I/O developer conference will run from Wednesday 11 May 2022.

Last month, Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech, who seems to have been ahead of the Pixel Watch since he posted seemingly accurate renders back in 2021, hinted that the smartwatch could be delayed until October 2022 – and launch alongside the Pixel 6 smartphone.

However, he did predict that Google would tease the smartwatch at Google I/O, but it wouldn’t arrive on wrists until the end of the year.

The accuracy of that remains to be seen, but the presence of documentation does seem to hint of something closer to release.

But there is a caveat. The Blass screenshots also have one other tidbit, and it mentions that the smartwatch will release with Wear OS 3.1 on board. Wear OS 3.2 is already in preview at Google, so this is already dated.

Analysis: The start of a new era

In essence, this is still just the barest of information, and tells us nothing of what’s really going on at Google.

But we’re excited for the launch of Google’s flagship smartwatch, not only for what it can bring to the market for Android users, but also whether it will signal the wider release of Wear OS 3 – which has the potential to start a new era of smartwatches, with Google as a stronger player.

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