Google Pixel Buds’ upcoming firmware update should fix hiss issues

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Owners of the second-generation Google Pixel Buds will be expecting a new update this coming August that should see a major feature drop for the earbuds. But aside from getting new things to do with the truly wireless earbuds, the update will also be fixing some of the persistent problems that users are experiencing. The upcoming firmware update will reportedly bring fixes to things like how they fixed the “hissing noise” previously, including improved connectivity and stability, among other things that should be fixed.

Google has said that the major feature drop for the Pixel Buds will be happening this August, although what those new features will be is still pretty unclear at this point. But while new features are important, it’s also crucial that they bring improvements to problems that some users are currently experiencing. Last month saw the update to fix the “hissing noise” that some were experiencing the first few months of the release of the 2nd generation Pixel Buds.

The August firmware update should include a fix or at least a decrease in the phone call cut outs, which can be pretty annoying or embarrassing when you’re on an important call. They should also be able to improve auto recovery for those times when one or even both of the earbuds lose connection. A lot of truly wireless earbuds still have this problem every once in a while but a big company like Google should be able to do something about it.

The update may also bring improvements to the media playback stability of the earbuds connected to phones that have software audio encoding. We’re not sure of course if all these will be part of the upcoming update, but hopefully at least one or two should make the August firmware update cut. Just get your Pixel Buds app on your phone ready by next month to welcome the update when it comes.

As for what features we can expect, everything seems pretty vague at this point. Expect Google to hype it up in the next few weeks before the release of the update sometime in August.

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