Google Pixel Buds feature drops happening soon

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Google Pixel Buds 2

Google’s Pixel Buds line has been around for some time now. The latest version has been introduced last month and is now finally available in the US. The pair has received a number of updates and upgrades through the years including it going completely cordless with Google Assistant, new ways to tap and control, app-by-app spoken notifications settings, and real-time translation with Assistant and Translate. The Pixel Buds 2 is ready to receive more which we’re calling ‘feature drops’ that will help remember new and major features as described.

As with the Pixel phone’s drops, the “drops” for the Pixel Buds will bring more helpful features over time. Nothing is official yet because Google has been very quiet about the Pixel Buds feature drop.

It will be the first for the new earbuds but we can expect exciting features and improvements. The pair needs an update when it comes to EQ settings. There’s also the need for an enhanced real-time language translation.

The Pixel Buds may also be integrated with more Pixel apps but we’re not sure at this time if it’s happening.We think the AI-boosted Recorder app may be updated. It already knows automatic voice transcription but it still needs improvement in many areas.

In the future, we can probably take advantage of a hands-free voice transcription service. It should be free and accurate but no promises are made. Google may be silent for now but we’re expecting some leaks and teasers. Just wait and see. Google isn’t that good in hiding secrets, anyway.


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