Google Pixel 5 uses an under-display speaker technology

Google Pixel Phone Hardware Diagram

The Pixel 5 is the latest flagship smartphone offering from Google. It is one of the two 5G phones released by the tech giant. It has arrived with an almost similar device with a bigger display in the form of the Pixel 4a 5G. There are differences between the two but for now, we want to focus on the Pixel 5. The new phone comes with an almost bezel-less display. The screen bezels look uniform so we can say Google has improved on the screen real estate.

There is no obvious speaker grill on top which we’re assuming is made possible with the under-display audio system. An under-display speaker is nothing new but only a few OEMs are brave enough to use it. Sighted on Reddit is a Pixel phone hardware diagram.

It’s official from Google. We see the ambient light and proximity sensor plus the top speaker that doesn’t touch the top bezel.

Google’s Pixel 5 uses an under-display speaker. The screen vibrates to deliver the sound. It is not exactly new technology. The LG G8 uses it.

Some premium TVs also implement the tech. We haven’t fully discussed this kind of audio technology but we know it produces crisper and clearer sound most of the time.

The diagram shows the “speaker” is placed slightly on the left as suggested. LG and Huawei have already used the technology on the LG G8, Huawei P30 Pro, and the P40 Pro. The Pixel 5 has a pair of under-screen speakers—-one on top and one at the bottom.

We have yet to hear from Google about this under-display speaker technology. It sure is an interesting detail we’re wondering why Google has been silent about this part.

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