Google Pixel 5 may come with an ultra low power mode feature

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Google Pixel 5 Concept Phone

Google has started to prepare for the Google I/O 2020 Conference on May 12 to 14. This means the tech giant is also now working on the new Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL. The mid-range Pixel phones will, later on, be followed by the flagship Pixel 5 series. The latter we’re assuming will be unveiled in the fourth quarter (Q4 2020) as Google makes such an announcement each year. Not many details are available but some codes are being sighted online. New fishy code are being discovered but those are for the mid-range Pixel phones.

XDA Developers’ editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) has shared over on Twitter that the next-gen Google Pixel 5 may include an “Ultra low power” mode. It’s a new feature as sighted on AOSP. A System Power Engineer from Google submitted it to the Android Open Source Project so it’s assumed to be an official feature.

It’s not final yet. It can still change as implementation is only generic. According to the XDA dev, this particular feature will “save more power than the existing low power mode”. At the moment, Pixel phones have the battery saver but the new one may limit the user experience of the mobile device. What usually happens is that access to apps is limited.

We’re not expecting Google to confirm anything but we’re expecting more leaks and rumors until the official launch. But then again, we’ll have to deal with the Pixel 4a series first.

Rahman posted the information on Twitter and after a while, the mention of ‘Ultra low power mode’ has been removed. We’re guessing it’s really not meant to be shared online.

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