Google Pixel 4a phone now available in Barely Blue

Barely Blue Google Pixel 4a

There is no telling how many units of the Pixel 4a Google has been sold. We know it still is in the market and will continue to be available even if it seems to have been overtaken by the newly announced Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. If you’re a real fan of the Google Pixel line but don’t want a 5G phone yet, just a new smartphone, you may consider the Pixel 4a. Another reason could be this Barely Blue Pixel 4a that looks very soft and light.

The Pixel phone was originally launched in Just Black so looks slightly different. Nothing has changed on the price and specs. The Pixel 4a in Barely Blue still costs $349.

The powder blue Pixel 4a appears to be more cheerful compared to the black model. A splash of orange adds to the fun as the color of the power button. The rounded square camera module is still in black.

The Pixel 4a is basically similar to last year’s Pixel 4 flagship phone offering minus the high price. It offers a powerful single rear camera system as made possible by smart computational photography features. The device boasts a decent 5.8-inch, single rear camera, and a Snapdragon 730G processor.

Google has started to offer the Pixel 4a in Barely Blue unlocked. You may not be able to get the phone from Google Fi or Verizon in the new color. The network variants are only out in Just Black. The tech giant doesn’t seem to care much about the colors of the Pixel phones. The new Pixel 4a 5G is only ready in black although a Sorta Sage Pixel 5 has been introduced.

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