Google Pixel 4a costs the same as the previous model

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In about a couple of months from today, Google will unveil two new phones. The new Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL will be the tech giant’s mid-range offering for this year. The two are mainly patterned after the Pixel 4 series but with slightly lower specs. These image renders surfaced as early as December 2019, ahead of the Q2 2020 launch. We knew the new mid-range Pixel phones are in the works when a new fishy code was discovered.

The “Sunfish” aka the Google Pixel 4a will run on Snapdragon 730 processor. Google Pixel 4a live images surfaced online and even reviewed before the official launch.

Now we’re learning about the possible price although it’s not really surprising. The new Google Phone is said to cost $399 as shown in the billboard.

The Pixel 3a was priced the same. While there is no doubt about the price, we’re taking things with a grain of salt. The billboard appears to be fake but it doesn’t matter. We’re just curious about the price and if the Pixel 3a will have a 5G variant at least.

There is still a possibility Google will upgrade the processor to Snapdragon 765G which supports 5G. It’s the same chipset found on the Redmi K30 and Realme X50. Let’s wait and see for furthers leaks and of course, the official announcement in May.

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