Google Pixel 4 supports up to 11W fast wireless charging

The Google Pixel duo is still grabbing headlines even a week after its official announcement and the latest news is that both phones actually support 11W wireless charging. Google did not mention this detail at all so far so it was a genuine surprise.

Google Pixel 4 profile in Wireless Power Consortium database
Google Pixel 4 charging profile

The Wireless Power Consortium listed the Pixel 4’s fast wireless charging capabilities in its database just two days after the official unveiling. The Pixel 4XL is also confirmed to support the 11W wireless charging.

Last year’s Pixel 3 lineup only supported faster wireless charging through the official Pixel Stand and a select few other Google approved chargers. The Pixel 4 models on the other hand should be able to achieve the higher speeds through any Qi charger with an output of 11W or higher.

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