Google Photos update brings back memories, better sharing

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If you’ve been using Google Photos for some years now, then you probably have hundreds or thousands of photos uploaded and stored there. It would be nice to remember some moments every once in a while if you had the time to actually go through them every day. The latest update to the app brings you a convenient way of doing that through a new feature called Memories, which is actually what it sounds like. There are also new features like streamlining sharing and new ways of printing your Google Photos.

Facebook and Instagram and some other social apps already have a “bringing back memories” type of feature and now Google Photos is bringing its own. Photos and videos from the previous years will now be seen at the top of your gallery. Even better, they use machine learning to show you the best ones in terms of quality. You don’t have to go through all the duplicates, blurred photos, etc.

Having a memories feature can be nostalgic but also difficult for some who were going through bad times. So you can actually hide people or time periods so they won’t show up in your Memories anymore. You can turn off the feature entirely if you’re okay with almost all of the photos uploaded in your cloud. And of course, all of these are for your own eyes only of course unless you choose to share them with someone else, which brings us to an upcoming feature.

Soon, you will be able to share photos to specific people or groups in an “ongoing, private conversation”. This is a sort of messaging feature within the app where you can just go on and share the photos and they can send you photos as well. All of the items that will be shared will be the same quality as your back up and you can save the shared photos in your library as well.

The update also now lets you search for photos that contain text, as mentioned in a previous article. And if you like having printed photos in your house, you can now also order individual prints (previously it was just a photo album) and pick them up on the same day at CVS Pharmacy or Walmart. You can also now order canvas prints at different sizes, directly from Google Photos.

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