Google Photos stops printing subscription service

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If you were one of the few people that were part of the subscription service for photo prints for Google Photos, we have bad news for you. It seems that they are shutting down that particular service after just four months. It never really got out of the trial program phase so it’s curious to note that Google has already given up on it. They did say that they will “make improvements based on your feedback” so we might see some iteration of this or it may just be standard speak for whenever they decide to end something.

If you’re not familiar with this, it was a monthly photo prints service where you receive ten of your best pictures from the month before, printed on cardstock. It would have been an $8 a month service, with the printed photos mailed to you. It was only available to a limited number of Google Photos users in the U.S., that’s why it’s interesting that they decided to cancel it early on, without giving any concrete reason.

Android Police shares the notice that users received from Google. It says that the monthly photo prints trial program will end by June 30, 2020. Google says they hope users experienced “some joy” from the printed photos that they received. Since it never got out of the free trial period, there will be no credit card charges to cancel or fix. The last batch of photo prints should arrive by June 25.

Access to the order history on Google Photos will also end by June 30. But you will still be able to access these order histories or previous orders on Google Takeout until July 15, 2020. After that, everything else will be deleted. So if you were part of the trial and you want to keep a record of all the photos that were printed, better schedule your archive before that day.

If you still want to have your photos printed, you can still avail of the Google Photos printing service through CVS and Walmart stores. They won’t deliver it to you but you can still send and pick it up there, including customizing and printing photo albums.

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