Google Photos starts rolling our new video editor

When Google Photos announced that they were releasing a new kind of video editor on the platform, it was good news for those who have been looking for a better way to edit the videos that they’ve been uploading to the app. What we didn’t know was when it will roll out to all users but now it looks like the new video editor has started to appear for some. And it looks like all the features they promised before like cropping, filters, and the ability to change perspective and stabilize the video are all there.

XDA Developers shares that some users have already spotted the new video editor on their Google Photos app. This means they will be able to edit their videos aside from the previous super basic tools that you could find on the app. If the new editor is now live on your account and you’ve updated it already, just tap the edit button on the video and you’ll see the new editing UI. You’ll see the different new tabs that you can play around with in editing the video.

The Crop tab has several custom aspect ratios to choose from but there’s also a “Free” option if you want to customize it. This is also where you can rotate the video or change the perspective. And if you make a mistake, there’s always the Reset button anyway. The other tab is the Adjust tab where you see all the usual tools like adjusting brightness, contrast, white point, highlights, shadows, etc. The Filters tab has several pre-made filters that you can add if you’re going for a certain effect. There is also an additional tab called “More” and this part includes a Markup tool.

The rollout of the new video editor comes a few months before the storage changes take effect. By June 1, 2021, the new photos and videos that you upload in high quality will already count against your Google Account storage. The goal is of course to get you to subscribe to their Google One cloud storage subscription, a move that has been received with much gnashing of teeth. So if you have videos that you want to upload in high quality and edit there, you should start doing it now.

The Google Photos with the new video editor seems to be a server side update so you’ll have to wait when it becomes available to you. So we’ll have to wait a few days or weeks before we can say the rollout is complete.

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