Google Photos rolls out redesign with map view, refreshed Memories, new icon

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For people who take a lot of photos and videos and store them on a cloud, Google Photos is probably one of the best apps that you can have. It’s been a while since we’ve had a major update on the app but we’re finally getting one. The latest update to the app brings a visual and UI redesign with a more simplified structure, a map view to see all the places your photos have been, and a focus on your memories. Oh, and the icon itself gets a make-over too with a redesigned and simplified pinwheel.

Currently, your Photos app has four tabs at the bottom: Photos, Albums, For You, and Sharing. Now they have streamlined and simplified the organizational structure of the app. You’re now getting a three-tab structure with Photos, Search, and Library. The main tab is of course photos and this is where all your photos and videos are but now with bigger thumbnails, auto-playing videos, and thinner white spaces in between.

Memories can also be found in the Photos section but with a bigger carousel and more types to show you like best pics of your loved ones, travel photos, and even highlights from last week. The Photos creations like collages, movies, animations, and stylized photos are now in this section as well. You will also be able to hide specific photos or time periods in case you don’t want them showing up in your memories later on.

Search is the middle tab and so you can have quicker access to the people, places, and things that you’re looking for. You can also now see the map view, which is apparently one of the most requested features over the years. It detects the places you’ve been through the location from your camera device (if you enabled it), Location History, and you can also manually add locations if you can. You can pinch and zoom the globe to see past travels and locations.

The last tab is the Library where you see your albums, favorites, trash, archives, etc. This is where the Print Store is also for those living in the U.S, EU or Canada. Lastly, the icon has been refreshed with a simplified pinwheel. The Google Photos update will start rolling out over the next few days.

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