Google Photos possibly reviving monthly print subscription

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It was just a few months ago when Google Photos decided to end the trial program of its monthly print subscription program but that doesn’t mean they’ve actually given up on this concept. Reliable tipster Jane Manchin Wong has uncovered a new subscription service that Google may be announcing soon. Called the Premium Print Series, the idea is still similar to what was previously tested out but with a few differences. In particular, this new one is relatively cheaper and has some customization options involved.

The idea of printing out your digital photos has been a “trend” the past few years as people continue to marry analog and digital. So Google Photos, one of the most popular photo and video repositories out there, started experimenting with various printing options, including the now-defunct subscription service. But it looks like they were just retooling it based on the lessons learned from the trial program.

Wong tweeted out that Google is working on something called the Premium Print Series, a subscription service that would send you suggested photos to print out every month. The most notable difference is that it’s slightly cheaper at just $6.99 compared to the $8 a month of the previous one. You also will not be tied down to paying for it every month as it seems you could skip some if you don’t feel like printing some photos.

You also now have a choice between matte prints and glossy prints when previously it as only the former that was available. Android Police says you can also customize what appears at the back, whether it’s postcard-type info or the photo details. You can also choose whether to use a border or not. We assume there will eventually be various border options available to choose from aside from what is being offered now.

The Premium Print Series will appear alongside the other print options like photo books and canvas prints. Those have been available for some time now in case you wanted to display some of those memorable or pretty pictures that you’ve saved on the app.

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