Google Photos’ Memories brings new features and tools

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If you’re the type of person that likes reliving memories through photos and videos, you probably enjoy the On This Day type of tools on social media. If you use Google Photos, Memories brings you the best photos of you and your loved ones as well as vacations, events, and other gatherings from previous years. They’re now bringing you even more features to make the memories more exciting and, well, memorable. This includes Cinematic photos, updated Memories items, and new collage designs.

Google Photos enjoys automatically creating different kinds of photo compilations, videos, and collages for its users. The new one that will show up in your highlights is called Cinematic photos and based on that name, you can expect something dramatic. It uses machine learning to produce a 3D representation of the photo by predicting its depth. It will then animate the photo with a smooth panning effect using its virtual camera. It is created automatically for certain photos and will show up in your recent highlights.

Collages are some of the most popular features on Google Photos and now they are adding more collage designs. They say it’s richer and more artistically designed. It’s also stylized using AI so it will help you pick the right layout, suggests colors and accent details like fonts and background colors. Pretty soon, you won’t need a separate photo editing app to edit and create collages and other photo enhancements if you’re happy with what Google Photos is bringing.

Google will also soon roll out new themes for Memories, like what it detects are the most important people in your life. You’ll also soon see memories of things like sunsets, activities like biking, etc. This is of course based on the things that you upload onto the photo cloud service. They also want to remind users that you can always hide specific people or time periods that you don’t want showing up in your Memories.

Google Photos is probably trying its best to create goodwill with their users after they announced some new changes in how storing photos affects your Google storage, starting next year. Obviously not a lot of people were happy about losing the unlimited photo storage that they offered since the beginning. But will these features be enough to keep them in the fold?

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