Google Photos brings Sharpen, Denoise editing tools

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While we’re counting down the days until we will officially lose unlimited storage on Google Photos, Google is trying to convince long-time users to stay and upgrade their cloud storage. They keep adding more editing features to the service and although these should have been there from the beginning, these new tools are very much welcome. Well, if you plan on staying on Google Photos that is. The latest photo editing tools that they have added are Sharpen and Denoise, two basic but important ones to have.

According to Android Police, when you go to the edit mode of your Google Photos app, you’ll see two new options under the Adjust tab. Sharpen and Denoise will be at the far right side of the menu and will be easily distinguishable at first use since there’s a yellow dot to indicate that they are new additions. But after your first use, the yellow dot will disappear and it will be just a regular part of the menu, in between Pop and Vignette editing options.

The Sharpen tool helps decrease the blurry lines in your photo so you can still salvage them somewhat. It will be able to clarify some of the out-of-focus elements there although of course to some extent only. The Denoise meanwhile is a sort-of opposite to this one as it helps reduce the grains on your photos. Just like the other adjusting tools, you have a scale that you can slide/swipe on and you’ll see the effect on the photo in real time.

We still have until May 31 to enjoy unlimited cloud storage for our photos and videos and after that, each upload will count towards our Google storage. So Google is bringing a lot of photo and video editing tools almost every week to convince people to subscribe to Google One plans which is as low as $2 per month for 100GB. Of course you can still stick with your free 15GB storage but if you’re used to backing up your media on Google Photos, that will not be enough.

Meanwhile, Sharpen and Denoise seem to be rolling out to Google Photo users already. You can check and update your app on the Google Play Store.

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