Google Photos bringing “Best of 2019” album to Print Store

Are you too lazy to go through all your photos for 2019 to choose the best ones to print or there are just too many to choose from)? Well if you have the Print Store available in your territory, you can just let your Google Photos app do most of the work for you. Those with eligible accounts will get a notification on their app that they have a “Best moments of 2019” photo book which you can check and edit then have it printed and shipped from the Google Print Store nearest you.

This is actually the second year that Google Photos is bringing a “best of” collection to its print store. As per 9 to 5 Google, when you open your app, you’ll see a notification saying “View your new photo book”. If you haven’t gotten one yet, you can always go to the “Print store” in your navigation drawer and the first item you’ll see in your Photo books made for you carousel should be the Best Moments of 2019 compilation.

The album should have around 60 images although we’re not really sure what basis/algorithm they used in choosing the “best” but it’s the same one they use in the other collections or videos they auto-generate for you. The photos in this collection are arranged chronologically and you can reorder them if you prefer, delete pages in bulk, add more photos and collages, edit the cover/spine, and basically just edit it if you’re not satisfied with all the photos included.

If you don’t have a print store in your app, then, unfortunately, you don’t get a “Best of 2019” compilation. We don’t know if they plan to include a collage or even a video later on, but for now, only those that are capable of ordering a photo book through Google Photos will get this album.

You can get the 7-inch softcover version which already includes 20 photos for $9.99 and each extra page is $.35. For the 9-inch hardcover, it’s $19.99 and then $.65 per page after the first 20.

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