Google Phone app may be getting a new name, icon

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Google’s dialer app which officially goes by the Phone by Google currently, is not just for Pixel devices alone. In the past few weeks, Google has made it available for non-Pixel Android devices through the Google Play Store. But it seems like Google is also planning on renaming the app as well as giving it a new icon. This is probably part of the big rebrand of Workspace and all the productivity apps that are part of the Google ecosystem.

9 to 5 Google shares what they found on a Youtube ad that has come out to promote the Phone by Google app. The ad basically promotes the app with its “reliable caller ID” feature as well as the other features that you get if you use the dialer instead of your phone’s default calling app. But for eagle-eyed observers, the ad also shows a new logo or icon as well as a new name: Google Call.

The logo or icon is just a generic phone image but the colors are different than the current logo which is also placed against a blue background and whose shape is slightly different. In the ad, It shows off the four Google colors that have been part of a lot of the brand redesigns for various Google apps. More importantly, the icon is followed by Google Call, which is something that they have not used previously in referring to the app. So this is possibly the new name and homescreen icon.

You won’t see the new icon and name anywhere on the app’s Google Play listing or within the app itself or actually anywhere else. So this is possibly part of a big rebrand for Google’s Workspace which was previously announced. This will include several apps and services and since the Phone app is part of the group that oversees Google’s productivity suite (along with Messages and Duo), it’s highly likely we’ll get a new name and icon for the dialer as well.

Of course nothing is for certain until we get an announcement from Google. But the fact that it’s there on an ad that’s already live on YouTube must mean something. We’ll wait for the official word soon.

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