Google offers Stadia Founders extra Buddy Pass to give away

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Enjoying your Google Stadia yet? Yes? No? If you haven’t gotten to really spending serious with Stadia, that’s okay. It’s the holidays and you’re busy. But for Christmas, Google is sharing some good news. Think of it as a special gift for the Stadia owners. If you’re a Stadia Founder, you can receive an extra Buddy Pass to be given away to any family member or a friend. It’s for anyone who loves to play games on his phone and also wants to see them on a bigger screen.

Google wants you to share a Buddy Pass. Give it as a gift to your “buddy” but you can only do so if you have the Stadia Founder’s Edition. Check your Stadia app to send. When you see an envelope, open it to see if the Buddy Pass is already available. Send it to a friend and then add a buddy as a friend and then play.

If you receive a Buddy Pass, you may need to download the Stadia app first to see. An access code will be given to you. Enter the code and then create an account.

This will now give you access to Stadia Pro for at least three months. Start by playing Destiny 2: The Collection. Read the complete instructions HERE.

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