Google News Showcase to offer paywalled content

Google News Showcase 1

Reading the news today, more of than not, can be depressing. But one needs to be always up-to-date. It’s the best way to fight misinformation and fake news. You can stop believing in those conspiracy theories if you read news from sources that are true and reliable. The Google News feature has been around for years. It regularly receives updates like more language editions, localizations, a Lite mode, bilingual options, better accessibility with core features, and more AI services. The most recent we found helpful was the organized and localized COVID-19 information.

The Google News team has launched the Google News Showcase recently in October. It helps people discover quality news. The search giant has made an investment of $1 billion to come up with an online experience where users, reporters, and news publishers can take advantage of a safe, sustainable, and secure environment.

Google with its news partners from all over the world has made sure News Showcase is more useful than ever. The company has introduced access to paywalled content. This means news publishers can also receive some revenue. Google will be paying partners that will offer limited access to content. News Showcase users will have access to content provided by those sources.

Users as readers will need to register for an account. This way, publishers and brands can have relationship with the consumers. Google News Showcase can serve as a reputable source of stories. In a world where information is free, it can be challenging to know what is true, real, and noble. We believe there are still trustworthy news organizations and they need the right platform.

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