Google News brings localized and organized COVID-19 information

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Some people would rather distract themselves by streaming Netflix all day long while some experience anxiety when they don’t know what’s happening around the world. We all have our different coping mechanisms when dealing with this pandemic that has taken over our lives. For those that want to be updated with all the information and news they need, Google is making it easier for you with a special COVID-19 experience on the Google News app, now available in 20 countries.

This special section in the Google News app pulls together all the important news items that you need to know, both globally and locally. Aside from real-time news updates, you also get access to all the important information about prevention, symptoms, and treatment from all the authoritative sources, including the World Health Organization. The news items here are also part of the “comprehensive COVID-19 experience” that you get when you use the Google app or Google Search.

You can also use Google Assistant to bring you the latest coronavirus news coverage. You just have to say “Hey Google, what’s the latest on coronavirus?” and you will get the latest news updates from the news providers that you follow or read often. This particular feature is available on mobile devices and in more than 10 languages on both smart speakers and smart displays.

Google is also highlighting local news and information as you are probably concerned with what’s happening around you. There’s a dedicated section in the News app for this but it also puts the local stories front and center. Global news is also important, especially in providing context in terms of economy, health care, travel, etc. They’re also experimenting with how to include a dedicated fact-check section to counter harmful misinformation.

The Google News COVID-19 section has rolled out to more than 20 countries already. They will be expanding it to more countries over the next few weeks.

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