Google News app now gives you bilingual options

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According to an article published on the BBC, 60% of people actually search for and read the news in two languages. But it’s not that easy to actually find articles like this since you will have to search through various apps and websites. If you consume your news through Google News, this can be easier now if you’re part of that 60%. The app will now give you the option of accessing news articles from two languages from among the multiple languages and countries around the world that they support.

This new Google News feature means you won’t have to toggle between two languages if you prefer to read in more than just the default language you’ve already chosen for the app. Whether you’re trying to learn a new language or you’ve recently moved to a different country, or you just prefer to be bilingual in accessing your news, this would be pretty useful and more convenient for those who speak (or want to speak) multiple languages.

Your previous personalization preferences will not be affected if you choose to add another language. It will still pull content and articles that are relevant to you based on your preferences and interests, only this time it will include sources and publications in the other language that you’ve chosen. This is just one of the improvements that they’re making for Google News, features-wise as well as what kind of news is repented to the users.

To add another language, go to the app and tap on your profile photo on the upper right corner. Go to Settings > General > Languages and regions of interest. You’ll see under your chosen language an option to add another language and region. You can then choose from the 41 language options that are currently available. They are hoping to add more languages in the future so more bilingual users can benefit from it.

The added languages feature is now available for Google News Android users across 141 countries. However, the desktop version seems to just support one language but it will probably also be added later on.

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