Google Nest suggests 13 ways to make Halloween more fun

Halloween is just a few days away and there are people who are pretty much excited about this “holiday”. It’s a favorite time to dress up in weird or scary costumes, have fun at spooky parties, and of course, enjoy all that candy you’ll steal from your kid or nieces and nephews. If you want a more digital kind of fun, Google suggests 13 ways you can have more fun on October 31st or before and beyond, using various Google Nest products.

If you have the Nest Hello video doorbell and you live in the U.S., you will be able to change your doorbell chime into all sorts of Halloween-themed sounds: cackling with, ghost, vampire, or a scary monster. And after this holiday, expect to have more seasonal doorbells, starting with winter themes in late November. If you’re opening your doors to trick or treaters or having a party on the 31st, say “Hey Google, get spooky” and you’ll get an hour-long playlist of spooky sounds and music.

If you’re still looking for the perfect costume or make-up for the party, you can use your Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max to look for ideas by saying “Hey Google, show me DIY Halloween costume videos.” And if you feel like curling up on the sofa with a scary flick, you can always use your Chromecast to cast videos on your TV screen. If you want to add some Day of the Dead inspired recipes, you can also use your Nest Hub display and ask Google to show you recipes.

Others are just iterations of what Google Nest products can do for you but with a Halloween flavor. Use your Nest Hub Max or Duo to place a call and show off your costume if a loved one can’t make it to a party. You can also create a running list of Halloween-related reminders so you won’t forget tasks needed for the party or something. Connected to this, create a shopping list for your party so you’ll have all the candy and alcohol you need.

You can also use Nest Cam products to protect your home from the more malicious mischief makers. Use your Google smart speakers to find out stores selling Halloween stuff nearest you. Have your Google Home Max play Halloween tunes. Create a separate WiFi network for your guests with Google WiFi and give it a spooky-themed name. Google hopes these are enough tips to get you to have a more fun Halloween and of course, it would be better if it enticed you to buy more Google Nest products.

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