Google Messages now shows the RCS provider in a different place

Many of you reading this article might be using Google Messages as the default messaging app but most of you might not know that the messaging platform can show you who is providing you Rich Communications Service (RCS). To check that information, click on the profile icon/picture, go to ‘Messages settings,‘ and select ‘RCS chats,‘ and you will be able to see the RCS provider at the bottom of the page. Well, Google is rolling out an update to the app that changes the location where it shows the RCS provider information.

According to a new report from 9To5Google, Google Messages now shows you who is providing you RCS behind the ‘info’ icon beside your phone number on the ‘RCS chats’ settings page. So, now you have to click on the info button to see the RCS provider. Reportedly, for some users, the app neither shows the RCS provider at the bottom of the page nor the info icon beside the phone number after the update, which is kind of strange. Considering that very few people care about it, this change might not affect many people.

For your reference, RCS is either provided by your network carrier, in which case, Google Messages will show “RCS is provided by your mobile carrier” or it is provided by Google’s Jibe platform, in which case, the messaging app will show “Chat features from Google provided by Jibe Mobile.” Many network carriers globally, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, have moved from their own implementations to Google’s Jibe platform lately to offer better interoperability and reduce issues with RCS messaging.

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