Google Messages may bring Call and Message Continuity to Galaxy phones

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One thing that Samsung users enjoy is a feature called Call and Message Continuity which from the name itself lets you take and answer messages and calls from your other Galaxy devices. Unfortunately, you will have to use Samsung Messages for your default app. But it looks like those who would prefer using Google Messages as their default SMS app will also be able to have that feature, if the strings we’re seeing in the latest version of Google Messages are true.

9 to 5 Google shared an APK Insight that they spotted on the latest version of Google Messages version 6.9 “Fir” which rolled out to beta testers. There are two references to something called “CMC” which they are assuming means Call and Message Continuity. But other than that, there seems to be no other reference to this in both the Google Messages and the Samsung Call and Message Continuity app.

While Samsung users may probably stick to the Samsung Messages app for their default app, there are also features on Google Messages that they would probably like to explore. This includes Messages for web and of course the RCS or Rich Communication Services, although that one is carrier-dependent. So having Call and Message Continuity restricted to Samsung Messages is not always that beneficial.

If the “CMC” indicated in the strings is indeed the feature, it will most likely only be for Samsung phones and will let Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners switch to Google Messages as the default app. The tablets, smartwatches, and other connected devices will probably still have to use the Samsung Messages app to be able to send and receive messages shared through the Call and Message Continuity.

We’ll probably know more about this if some beta users will be able to play around with the app or strings or if the “CMC” feature will also eventually roll out for beta users as well. But for now, Galaxy owners will have to stick to Samsung Messages to enjoy the continuity.

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