Google Messages getting a basic feature that’s already there on Samsung Messages

Samsung’s default SMS app, simply called Messages as most first-party SMS apps tend to be called, is a pretty solid offering with plenty of features packed into it. However, despite giving you everything you could possibly need, Samsung Messages is no longer the default SMS app on Galaxy phones, or at least Galaxy phones that launch running version 3.1 of One UI out of the box.

Those phones come with Google’s Messages app set as the default SMS client out of the box, and if you have been using it on one of these phones or even other Galaxy devices running older One UI versions, you might be happy to hear that Google Messages will soon be getting one of the most convenient yet basic features that’s already available on Samsung’s Messages app.

google messages pin feature

That feature is the ability to pin message threads and conversations of choice to the top of the list, so you can open them up quickly instead of having to scroll down through other message threads, which can be a tedious affair depending on how many SMS you send and/or receive. Users will seemingly have the option to pin up to three conversations, though this number could change later – and it definitely should, as Samsung Messages places no such limits on you.

It’s not known when the conversation pinning feature will arrive on Google Messages, but whenever it does, Samsung’s Galaxy phones will be able to take advantage of it just like Android devices from other manufacturers. Of course, instead of waiting, you can simply switch to the Samsung Messages app and start pinning messages already – just tap and hold on the message threads you would like to pin to the top, tap the More button, and select Pin to top.

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