Google Messages brings reactions, sticker suggestions

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As we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, we continue to rely on communication apps to keep in touch with colleagues, friends, and family members. Google Messages or just Messages has continually added new features and improvements as they try to become the Android version of iMessage. We’ve previously talked about how they’re adding some small but important new features and now they seem to be going live. This means those using RCS conversations now have reactions and sticker suggestions.

We’ve gotten used to having reactions to things like social media and other messaging apps. Instead of sending an actual message, you can just react to one without having to text or look for a sticker or GIF. Reactions are now available on Messages for those who have enabled their chat features or RCS. You can choose from these animated reactions for now: like, love, laughter, surprise, sadness, anger, and dislike (take that Facebook!)

Another new thing you can enjoy in Messages is a Smart Reply for stickers. Some consider stickers to be their love language but finding the right one takes time. Smart Reply uses machine learning to suggest text replies to messages. But now, it will also suggest stickers when replying to someone without having to search and think of the appropriate one. You can toggle it off if you don’t like stickers but for those who love it, it’s just a smart reply away.

Google is also highlighting other things you can do with Messages. For example, you can edit photos before sending them by adding text, drawing on the image with digital pens, highlighters, etc. You can also send voice messages for those times when it’s easier to record something rather than typing it out. Video calling through Duo is also integrated into Messages so you can easily switch from texting to video.

The reactions feature is only available for RCS conversations but the other features like sticker suggestions and photo editing can be used by everyone who are already on Messages.

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