Google Meet now lets you have until 25 co-hosts

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When you have a large group of people in a single video meeting and would eventually need to break up into smaller groups, it would be helpful to have several other people to help you manage these groups. The latest update to Google Meet will help you with that situation as you can now add up to 25 people as co-hosts. The update also brings some features like Quick Access, Chat Lock, Present Lock, and muting tools to a larger group of Google Music users.

The upcoming update to the video meeting app will allow hosts to add 25 more people as co-hosts. While you probably won’t always need that many co-hosts for all your meetings, when you do need help in moderating or managing breakout groups, then you have this option. You can assign these co-hosts for each breakout room from the main room but they cannot promote or demote someone from the different rooms.

Things like recordings, attendance reports, polling, and QA reports will still only be available to the meeting host and not to the co-hosts. But if the main host wants to share it, they can as well. For each meeting that you’ll start, you have to toggle on the switch for Host management in the Host controls section to be able to add co-hosts. This co-hosting feature will be available for desktop and mobile and for Business Standard, Business Plus, Essentials, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, and all Educational editions of Meet.

Google Meet is also expanding some of its other features to more kinds of users. Quick Access, which lets you join a meeting from your mobile or desktop by dialing in will be available for all Google Meet users. Chat Lock, Present Lock, and Mute all users and end meeting for all options are also now available for all Google Meet users. The latter two are limited to desktop and iOS for now with Android probably following soon.

These new and expanded Google Meet features seem to be available now for supported Google Accounts. Expect more features for the video meeting app soon as they continue to try and achieve feature parity with Zoom and other more robust video conferencing services.

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