Google Maps updated with wildfires layer, Address Maker

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Google Maps is constantly being updated. It is one app that is regularly used by almost anyone whether an ordinary consumer, a driver, or a bigger brand. After learning about the enhancements to our Google shopping experience, here are new details pertaining to Google Maps. Since the app tells us the location, it is important that the maps are always updated so Google can provide reliable information all the time. New mapping features are ready and they can help communities become more discoverable yet safer and more sustainable.

On Google Maps, wildfire maps are available. More information will be available as a new layer on Maps. With this layer, you can view details of an ongoing fire. Important information like what to do during emergency or evacuation can be checked, as well as, the last report, how many acres have burned, or containment among others.

Google Maps will receive the wildfires layer this week. It will be available on desktop, Android, and iOS. Information on more fires will also be available in the future as provided by the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC). Australia will get this change on Google Maps very soon.

Google has also announced the expansion of the Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) Tree Canopy tool. It will be available to more than 100 new cities (up from 15 US cities) like Toronto, Sydney, London, or Guadalajara.

The Tree Canopy Insights takes advantage of advanced AI capabilities and aerial imagery. More insights can be viewed as the information gathered can help many people.

Another improvement is the Address Maker. It can provide people official and functioning addresses that may help them in starting businesses or doing other things like opening a bank account or applying for new work. This is also helpful for under-addressed communities.

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