Google Maps update makes Saved tab more useful

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If you use Google Maps a lot whether you’re traveling, visiting restaurant hotspots, or you just like looking at maps and places, you have probably used the Saved tab a lot as well. And even though we’re probably not traveling anytime soon, this may be the time to organize the stuff you’ve saved on the app. Google is rolling out an update to the navigation app which will make the Saved section more useful especially if you want to take up our suggestion to organize all the places you’ve gone to or plan to visit soon.

The changes to the Saved tab will help you in sorting through and organizing the places you’ve already saved there, especially if you’ve already saved a lot. Previously, you can save and sort them by “favorites”, “want to go”, “starred places”, or you can make your own custom lists. But what if you already forgot the place that you saved so you can recommend it to your friend? You can now find the recently saved places at the top of the Saved tab.

If you have your Location permissions turned on, you will receive a notification if you’re near one of the places that you’ve saved. Your nearby saved places are organized by distance and they will be arranged in a carousel so if you’re trying to make a decision as to where to eat or what to visit that is nearby, it will be easier to make a decision. Of course not everyone wants to turn location permissions on so this is something that will benefit the few (or many?) that do.

If you’ve also turned on your location history settings, you can see the places you’ve been to and the routes you’ve taken through the Timeline. If you want to save that place you recently went to, it will now be easier to add it to the Saved tab. The insights will be arranged by time, city, region, or country. So if you have location history on for some time now, you can go back and reminisce on the last trip you made before the pandemic hit.

You can update your Google Maps to the latest version to make sure you have these new Saved features. Hopefully we’ll soon be able to add more places to the Saved tab when we can move around safely.

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