Google Maps seemingly getting a 3D update on app & Android Auto

The popular navigation app, Google Maps, seems to be getting a new update that is rolling out gradually that shows 3D building during navigation on Android and iOS, along with Android Auto. Google Maps has supported showing 3D buildings for quite a while, but now the ability arrives when you turn on navigation as well.

Notably, 3D buildings didn’t appear by default, and to turn it on, you had to enable a layer within the app. All buildings, whether it’s a city or a smaller area, show up in 3D. However, the app didn’t show 3D buildings during navigation, but that is now changing. According to multiple reports on Reddit, Google Maps on Android and iOS have started showing 3D buildings during navigation.

Some users saw 3D buildings on Google Maps back in mid-December 2023

You do need to enable the 3D view before you turn on navigation on the Google Maps app. When this is enabled, do note that you will be zoomed in a fair bit, so you have to adjust to that view of navigation. Besides, this feature is also showing up in the Google Maps app on Android Auto.

If the buildings are in the way of the route, they go transparent. It seems like the feature isn’t available for everyone and is under testing. Back in mid-December, a handful of users did get a taste of this new feature, and it seems like the feature has been expanded to some more users. Let us know in the comments below if the feature is live for you as well or not.

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