Google Maps Live View enhanced with Landmarks, Location Sharing

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Google Live View

Traveling may be something most people in the world are not able to do this year due to the pandemic but there is no reason for Google and any other tech companies to improve on their maps and other navigation-related features, products, and services. For Google, it has recently worked on Live View. A few months ago, Google Maps started allowing calibration of a user’s location with Live View. That was after several months of testing. Today, we are learning new ways to use the feature so navigation around a city can be easier.

Live View was only introduced in 2019 but it has proven to be a more useful feature even during those times when most cities and towns are on lockdown. With the goal of getting around as fast and as direct as possible, Live View has helped many people get to their destinations.

Google has added augmented reality (AR) to Live View so users can view arrows and distance markers when you are looking for a place. The AR directions have become very useful as they make things faster for you. You can also check out landmarks in Live View now. This makes things even faster than before.

While inside Google Maps, you can select Live View to see a location. You will soon see iconic landmarks and your current distance from them.

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