Google Maps lets you see restaurants with take-out, delivery

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In a time where states and countries are encouraging and ordering people to stay-at-home, food is still very much a concern, both for citizens and for businesses that provide it. There are some states that allow restaurants to still open but only for take-out and delivery and not for dine-in customers. Now Google Maps has updated the app so users can filter those restaurants and food-related businesses that will still be able to serve them whether it’s to bring to their home directly or for them to pick it up from the establishment.

The update to Google Map now has two new filters that you can try out if you’re looking for things to eat or to store at your house: Delivery and Takeout. This allows essential establishments to remain open and still earn something and for those people at home to have something to eat if they want to take a break from their home-cooked meals. As long as they are able to serve people through curbside pickup and home deliveries, then it should be a win-win for both, given they practice the usual health and safety precautions.

Previously, Google allowed businesses to mark their places as temporarily closed on their business listings so customers are aware of which are shutting down in the meantime while we try to stem the tide of COVID-19. Now those relevant businesses can also add takeout and delivery filters to there Google My Business pages and it will, of course, reflect on their Google Maps page as well.

For the end-user, once your Google Maps has been updated, you can tap on the Takeout or Delivery filter options under the search bar. It will then give you a list of nearby restaurants that fall under the filters. If you’re searching for a particular restaurant, it will also show information if they are accepting orders for takeout or delivery. They will direct you to the portal where you can place the order, whether it’s their own website or a third-party delivery service.

The delivery and take-out filters are only available for the U.S., Canada, or France. Hopefully, they will expand it to other countries as well that are affected by lockdowns.

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